A list of British arts OBE holders

Significant people within the art world are repaid with honours such as OBEs; this article will discuss three instances.

Britain produces a lot of music from many different genres. The variety of this music production is mirrored by the musicians rewarded. Much of the music made in Britain is far from traditional art, but being so well known and highly regarded, it is awarded the same awards as some of the more high brow areas of art. Music may be the most accessible and popular art form, so it makes sense for the most authoritative and celebrated artists to be recognised; by doing so it also helps to inspire other individuals, especially the youth, to begin creating music themselves.

As musical productions and plays are such a huge part of the cultural landscape of the UK, it is no wonder that thespians and producers are granted honours. Sally Greene was granted an OBE for her continual work in the entertainment and arts industries; she has founded stage organisations and produced assorted award-winning performances. She has likewise done work with numerous charities and foundations that aim to promote several branches of art amongst young people, highlighting how they can assist young individuals in many aspects. Just about the most famous and highly regarded areas of production is of Shakespearean plays, many actors and producers in this area are offered the greatest awards. As London is such a considerable place for stage productions, many people working in the industry are presented honours.

There are people who have professions that cross over many different forms of art, and of course these multitalented people are often appreciated and rewarded with honours. Idris Elba was given an OBE recently for his services to film, TV and music. Whilst his work in TV and film are well known and celebrated, he has also done great deals of work in music that is less known. A few of his most popular work is both in American and British tv, in which he has mainly performed in tense crime dramas, one of which is broadly deemed one of the very best TV shows ever produced.

Awards are given to people from many different industries and walks of life; the arts are one of the common ones in which people are recognised for their service with OBEs. Among the various types of arts, OBEs are often awarded to artists who work toward the improvement of peoples lives. Sonia Boyce was recently awarded an OBE, not only for her great and excellent art work, but likewise for her work to enable women. She has likewise been applauded for her work in promoting and teaching youthful artists in numerous forms such as music. Much of her work has been incorporated in a lot of the very best galleries from across the country and across the world.

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